Sad Poetry - depression, suicide, and death

rn Sadness, grief and sorrow are emotions we all experience. Poets and writers have long realized how expressing your emotions with words can help in dealing with the pain. To give words to your deepest feelings, to shape your most painful emotions into verse, to release the pain locked in your heart; this is the true power of the poem.rn MANY FAMOUS POETS WROTE SAD POEMS
rn Some of the most famous poets lived sad, dark, depressed lives filled with pain, loneliness, depression and even suicide. These poets were artists who used words to express their painful and sad feelings and share them with the world. These words joined together became poetry, sad poetry filled with their yearnings for relief from their pain. Their unbearable sadness was the catalyst for some of the best poems ever written.rn SUBMIT YOUR OWN SAD POETRY
rn We encourage all of you, both experienced poets and amateur poets to submit your own sad poetry to the White Oak Press Poetry Contest. If you are feeling sad or lonely, go ahead and use the wonderful art of poetry to express your feelings through poetry. Even if you are not an experienced poet, you can still learn to use poetry to express yourself. Sad poems and sad love poems are the second most common category of poem submitted to our poetry contest. Join us in using the art of poetry to get relief from the painful emotions that we all feel at times.
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"Each memorable verse of a true poet has two or three times the written content."
rn ~ Alfred de Musset (1810-1857)rn

"All things grow with time - except grief"rn

"He that conceals his grief finds no remedy for it"
rn ~ Turkish Provern

rn Read Our Best Sad Poems >> rn rn Home of Sad Poetry, Grief Poetry, Dark Poems, & Poetry about death and depression.
rn  Submit your best sad poem for a chance to win our online poetry contest, write sad poems,
death poetry , dark poetry, suicide poetry, depression poetry , goodbye poems and more.rn  rn

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