Sad Poems

Our collection of Sad Poems includes sad poems, depression poems, sad love poems, death poems as well as sad poems written by teens. All the poems displayed have been selected from sad poems submitted to our poetry contest. Life is filled with all kind of emotions and these poets excelled in using the art of poetry to transform sad, dark and painful feeling into beautiful works of poetry.

Sad Poems can be able to communicate one’s melancholy emotions and also create a mirror image of how one’s reflections of the situation and themselves.  The dismal feelings of sadness are never a welcoming visitor.

Whether sadness is from death, sad love, family drama, or the stress of a teen life, sad poetry is a good prevention strategy against depression.  They help stabilize a person in a rocking boat in a stormy sea of stress and anxiety.  One can take a look back at the situation and push forward and help one cope with sadness.  Like teen sad poems and death poems, sad poetry, can make one’s emotions more audible in a person’s mind to better understand the situation.

The depressive nature of sad love poems especially, is something that can be put into beautiful imagery.  Sad poems can explain the calamity in one’s life and give way to express the deeper thoughts behind one’s anxiety.

You may be surprised to learn that we receive almost as many Sad Poems as Love Poems. Our Sad Poems, Sad Love Poems, Death Poems and Depression Poems pages are more popular then our Love Poems and Romantic Poems pages. Unfortunately sadness is a big part of life. And when people are sad, hurt and in pain, they find comfort in writing sad poetry and reading the sad poetry of others. By submitting your Sad Poem for others to read, you could be helping someone in need of comfort and support.

So go ahead and take the plunge, join us here in the world of poetry, and write your first poem. Get to know yourself more intimately . . . . you may be surprised by whom you meet.

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