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I was a failure and a reject,
In the delusion of my mind.
I had a million eyes to give,
Yet people were still blind.

Things never would have gone so bad,
If it hadn’t been for you.
You took my normal, happy life,
And tore it right in two.

Every day a living hell,
To go on was a curse.
Love, joy, and happiness,
They only made it worse.

I never truly saw my life,
Watched it slowly fade away.
But I saw the encroaching darkness,
As it settled in for its stay.

The darkness was you,
And your cold heart cast a shadow,
Fear filled my soul,
Now I fear I won’t last tomorrow.

In the darkness of my mind,
Lies the secrets of hell.
And every other horrid thing,
Where only demons dwell.

But I also hide the secret,
Of all the pain you caused.
I didn’t want the world to know,
Who or what I was, so lost.

You can’t be saved,
Your destiny has been chosen.
Your path has been paved,
No miracles can loosen.

No potions to save you,
No magical spells.
And I smile and whisper,
“I’ll see you in hell.”

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