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She Remembers

She Remembers

She remembers, oh she remembers,
When she was a little girl, no tears did she shed.
With her long blond hair, thin and straight,
Her eyes big and blue knowing,
More than she can ever tell,
Don’t touch her, oh, don’t touch her.

She remembers, yes she remembers,
That night with her little brother.
Blonde hair, blue eyes just like her,
But the belt was coming, and they were waiting,
Waiting to cry their blue eyes asleep.
Don’t touch her, oh, please don’t touch her.

She still remembers, she still remembers,
Forgetting to put her toys away.
She brushes her teeth, off to bed she goes,
Woken up, being pulled by her hair,
Only to be reminded of what she did wrong.
Don’t touch her, oh, dare not touch her.

Yet she remembers, still she remembers,
When she lost track of time.
He was furious, she runs away,
Dragged down the stairs, head hitting each one,
Crying already, she knows what’s to come.
Don’t touch her, oh, never touch her.

But she remembers, she always remembers,
The time he went for her brother.
She stepped in the way, took it for him,
Only to keep his blue eyes from crying,
So he can sleep in peace and not fear.
Don’t touch her, oh, simply don’t touch her.

Forever she remembers, she never forgets,
That too many things have

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