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What Does "Boutta" Mean? Understanding the Slang Term

Boutta meaning
Boutta is a popular slang term which is a contraction of the phrase ‘about to’. Often used in informal conversations, especially among the younger demographic, it signifies a future intention or plan. It is generally used to indicate a person’s next immediate activity or action.


How to Effectively Communicate with Children about Boutta

  1. To strengthen your bond with your teen, here are a few suggestions:
  2. Connect on their level, but avoid using their slang in a bid to bond. They may find it awkward.
  3. Educate yourself about the latest slang terms. Learn what ‘Boutta’ means – it’s simply short for ‘about to’.
  4. Maintain open lines of communication. Foster a relationship where your teen feels comfortable explaining new slang to you.
  5. Speak to your teen about the importance of context when using slang terms.
  6. Help your teen understand that texting vernacular like ‘Boutta’ might not be appropriate in all settings, like academic or professional environments.
  7. Remember that language evolves and that slang is a normal part of this evolution. It can be a way for your teen to assert their independence.


In conclusion, ’boutta’ is a slang term commonly used in casual conversation, largely by younger generations, to indicate an upcoming action or plan. Communication between parents and kids can be greatly improved by understanding and using such contemporary slang.

Test How Well You Understand Teen Slang

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What to do if you recognize your child's dangerous slang​

Keyword alert is a feature in parental control apps designed to notify parents or guardians when specific words or phrases are detected in their child's online activity. When triggered, the parental control app sends an alert to the parent's device, allowing them to promptly address any potential issues and ensure their child's online safety and well-being. We recommend adding slang related to drugs and sext to your keywords alert.

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