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Canon vs. Headcanon: Understanding the Meaning and Importance

Canon/Headcanon meaning
Canon refers to actual, established elements and happenings in the plot of a book, show or movie, brought forth by the original creators. These are undisputed facts within the storyline that directly influence the overall narrative. On the other hand, Headcanon, a term stemming from “head” and “canon”, is a concept or idea generated by a fan of a particular work which does not contradict the original canon, but isn’t officially acknowledged either. This is a personalized interpretation of the story or characters, a creative freedom used by fans to


How to Effectively Communicate with Children About Canon and Headcanon Concepts

  1. Start from a place of understanding about the term ‘canon/headcanon’ and other slang words.
  2. Listen to how your teen uses the word in conversations or while texting. Respect their viewpoint about their interpretation of characters or storylines.
  3. Attempt to engage in their headcanon discussions instead of dismissing them.
  4. Clarify their interpretations if they contradict the canon content in books, movies, or shows.
  5. Encourage the appropriate use of slang in conversations.


Canon is a definite element in a narrative by original creators influencing the plot, whereas Headcanon is a fan-made concept or idea that doesn’t contradict the original but isn’t confirmed either. This discussion can facilitate parents to better comprehend teen lingo and tailor communication accordingly. Always invest time to understand your child’s perspective on their favorite fiction.

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What to do if you recognize your child's dangerous slang​

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