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The Language of Slang: Exploring the Meaning of "Sus"

Sus meaning
Sus is a shortened form of the word suspicious. It’s typically used to indicate that someone’s behavior, activity, or intent seems dubious, untrustworthy, or out of the ordinary. This term gained popularity in internet culture and is often used in online chats and platforms to highlight concerns about a person’s actions or statements. While it’s predominantly used in informal contexts, it’s vital for parents to know its meaning to comprehend online conversations where their teens might be using this slang term.


Guidance on Speaking to Children about Sus

  1. Communicate openly: Encourage your teen to explain slang and texting lingo to you. In this way, you are showing interest in their communication style. For instance, when coming across the word ‘sus’ which is short for ‘suspicious’, learn from your child what it means and how it is used.
  2. Use it in a sentence: Get your teen to teach you how to use ‘sus’ in a sentence. This will help you understand its context better.
  3. Discuss the appropriateness: Since such slang terms like ‘sus’ used in texting can sometimes be misinterpreted, discuss with your teen the importance of using such language appropriately and responsibly.
  4. Stay updated: Stay informed about the latest slang in texting youths are using. This will allow you to better understand and connect with your teen.
  5. Teach alternatives: Encourage your teen to use standard phrases along with slang, to ensure their communication is understood by everyone.


In conclusion, ‘sus’ is an internet slang term for suspicious, often indicating doubtful behavior or intent. Gaining popularity in recent years, it’s often used by teens in online conversations. Parents should educate themselves about such slang to better connect and understand their teens. Familiarity with this digital dialect opens an avenue for more open and informed communication.

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What to do if you recognize your child's dangerous slang​

Keyword alert is a feature in parental control apps designed to notify parents or guardians when specific words or phrases are detected in their child's online activity. When triggered, the parental control app sends an alert to the parent's device, allowing them to promptly address any potential issues and ensure their child's online safety and well-being. We recommend adding slang related to drugs and sext to your keywords alert.

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