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Decoding Teen Talk: What Does "TT" Really Mean?

TT meaning
In teen and youth texting slang, TT is a term that stands for Tears or Crying. It is commonly employed to convey feelings of sadness, disappointment, or to extend empathy towards others. The dual usage of the letter T in this context alludes to the visual representation of tears cascading down an individual’s face.


Guidelines for Conversing with Children about TT

  1. Begin by explaining the concept of ‘slang in texting’. This term refers to the use of abbreviations and symbols to express thoughts and emotions in a brief, coded way.
  2. Use the slang TT as an instance. Explain that TT is a visual representation of tears streaming down a face, symbolizing sadness or empathy.
  3. Highlight the importance of understanding such terms, as they are a significant part of their teen’s communication.
  4. Encourage open and non-judgmental discussion about such terms. It can help build their understanding and establish a bridge between your worlds.
  5. Submit that the use of slang isn’t necessarily ‘bad’. It’s simply a new way of communicating, much like how slang in spoken language evolves with time.
  6. Lastly, remind them that showing interest in their teen’s language can foster closeness and engender their trust.


In conclusion, being adept in teen slang such as “TT” symbolizing Tears or Crying, can greatly assist parents in understanding and connecting more effectively with their adolescents. This term is often used to denote sadness, disappointment, or express empathy. Understanding your child’s digital dialect is important. Take the initiative to learn more about teen slang and foster more meaningful conversations with your child.

Test How Well You Understand Teen Slang

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What to do if you recognize your child's dangerous slang​

Keyword alert is a feature in parental control apps designed to notify parents or guardians when specific words or phrases are detected in their child's online activity. When triggered, the parental control app sends an alert to the parent's device, allowing them to promptly address any potential issues and ensure their child's online safety and well-being. We recommend adding slang related to drugs and sext to your keywords alert.

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