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What Does VVS Mean and How to Use It?

VVS meaning
VVS is a slang term that refers to a certain quality of diamonds, specifically very, very slightly included diamonds. This phrase is used predominantly in rap music and symbolizes wealth, success, and status. The term describes extravagantly costly and high-quality diamonds that a rapper may own. The phrase gains its prestige from the rarity and high price of VVS-grade diamonds, adding to the exhibitory wealth and opulence commonly found in rap culture.


How to Communicate with Children about VVS Effectively

  1. Begin by explaining the concept of slang in texting and rap music. Tell your teens that VVS is a term from rap music, which refers to high-quality diamonds indicating wealth and status.
  2. Express the importance of discerning the context in which the slang is being used. Explain that not every word used in a song can or should be used in everyday life.
  3. Discuss how using such slang words could influence others’ perception of them. It might make them appear knowledgeable about pop culture or it might confuse people who do not understand the reference.
  4. Encourage them to research more about the term. Understanding the origin and meaning behind slang can be an educational experience.
  5. Reassure them that it’s okay if they don’t understand or use every new slang term, and that communication should be clear and respectful.


In conclusion, understanding the use of slang like VVS in modern jargon, especially within music and youth culture, is crucial. Parents and educators must be informed to keep up with trends and ensure effective communication. Always remember, dialogues with your children about their language choices can encourage a more open and understanding relationship. Stay informed, stay connected!

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What to do if you recognize your child's dangerous slang​

Keyword alert is a feature in parental control apps designed to notify parents or guardians when specific words or phrases are detected in their child's online activity. When triggered, the parental control app sends an alert to the parent's device, allowing them to promptly address any potential issues and ensure their child's online safety and well-being. We recommend adding slang related to drugs and sext to your keywords alert.

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