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Something My Past Didn’t See

Something My Past Didn't See

Looking into the future,
Something my past didn’t see.
The outcome of my experience,
Has allowed God to transform me.

Longing to be alive,
For within I was dead.
Darkness was my company,
And each day I did dread.

Walking with a lost soul,
Understanding nothing at hand,
I once had a goal,
My dreams turned to sand.

Seeking the face of comfort,
To captivate my distressed mind,
Can’t give up on life,
Hope, I must find.

Thank God I found hope,
In the midst of the dark,
Pursuing to find some light,
Until it penetrates in my heart.

Now that I’m blessed with life,
And has allowed God to transform me,
I’m excited about the future,
Something my past didn’t see.

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