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A baby is laying awake in her cradle,
And looking up at this stranger,
This stranger who brought them into this world.
They do not know them, though they feel as if they have for years.
Then, the stranger begins to hold them, rock them,
And their eyes feel heavy.

Ten years later that child looks at that stranger,
And sees a mother
A mother who will care for them, feed them, hold them tightly.
Someone who no one can replace.
Who has that special place in their heart.
And they never even begin to think that that was once the stranger.

Years pass and the bond weakens,
The hole in your heart is filled by others.
As the times continues to roll on, the relationship fades.
Until one day that stranger is gone.
Said to be in a better place.
But you think where she was, was fine.

You never realize what that stranger meant to you,
Until you had to say goodbye.

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