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Tara Jeanne

Tara Jeanne

What you mean to me? Wow! How do I begin?
And once I get started, where can I end?
You’re beautiful, funny, amazing it’s true
You don’t put on a mask, you’re best at being you
You pick me up when my day seems grey
Just a though of you makes me smile and say,
What have I done to be with such a great girl
Who’s so fun to be around and livens my world
I know you’ll be there when a friend of mine dies
You were also there when I poured my heart through my eyes
That means so much to me to know that you care
And should you ever need the same, I’ll always be there
I’ll be a person to laugh with, a shoulder to cry on,
Someone to love you, a friend to rely on
I could keep going page after page
just keep on writing till I reach an old age
So I’m not finished, but I am done for now
Cause I’ll keep letting you know how
How much I care, How much you mean to me
Now a perfect ending? Hmm let me see…
Well nothing’s perfect so I’ll just say what I mean
You mean the world to me, I love you Tara Jeanne

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