Teen Poems about Life, Family, School, and Friends

Teen poetry serves as an opportunity for teens to flourish and mature, blossoming to adulthood.  Teens struggle with many of life’s lessons and find themselves on top.  Society deems teens with many more responsibilities than before.  As shown in teen poetry many find writing as a tool to gather their thoughts and mixed emotions into great proverbs for not only themselves but many times forgotten wisdom for us in life’s saga.  The dramas that teens face are shown in teen poetry with every aspect of life’s flight, giving way to their ultimate formulation of who they will become as adults.  They will take what they have learned to become stronger in future tests, making teen poetry a great method of understanding them and ourselves.  Whether it is love, joy, or despair, many find their haven in writing teen poetry.  In gathering their scattered thoughts and emotions, filtered through a pen and paper they see what great feats they have accomplished in their prime years of teen hood to take with them the lessons of life for the future. rn

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