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Thanks To You

Thanks To You

I’m so upset, thanks to you,
I hate the world because of you.
You said I needed to see things differently.
I’m fine the way I am can’t you see?
‘Believe in yourself’ is what you told me to do,
Before I speak, think things through.
Leave me alone and let me be,
I’m the only person that I need.

You said you’re here for me any time,
Why do you have to be so kind?
I thought you were like one of them,
Who cheered me up and lifted my chin.
Then dropped me flat on my face,
They left me in shame and disgrace.
But you helped me up and let me see,
There are other people besides me in need.

You helped me through every step of the way,
Now I’m proud that I can say,
I can make it through thanks to you,
I’m loving life because of you,
I now see things differently,
I need you, can’t you see?
Thanks to you.

Kathleen Leathers

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