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The Echo Of Godly Peace

The Echo Of Godly Peace

I hear reverent music,
In this wilderness,
An instrument in the wind,
Echoing, drowning out the silence,
A song of heavenly peace.

Resounding through the forests,
Rejoicing across the mountains,
Saying, his love is in the air,
I can see the notes,
Dancing on the water,
Floating on the clouds,
And filtering into our hearts.

We read the pages of the hymn,
And it soothes our spirit,
It is an aria into the soul,
To ease all sorrow,
And replace all heartache.

It pulls us back from exile,
Into a glen of divinity,
Cross a sea filled with forgiveness,
And into an aviary of bliss.

It stirs senses with hope,
And blends cords of gladness,
With a motif of sundry praises,
Play on, Godly symphony,
Ring psalms of verse.

Far and near,
Reverb joy to everyone’s ear,
Sing the proclamation aloud,
Distant and clear.
Grace every bird and beast,
With the sound of piety.

Elate every heart,
With your overwhelming peace,
For Lord, your song,
In the wilderness,
Is your spiritual organ.

From the heavens,
We hear it through the temples,
And oer every plain,
For it chimes all tears to happiness,
And gladdens every spirit.

It is a zenith of joy,
And blesses all it touches.

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