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The Feeling Inside

The Feeling Inside

The first time we talked there was something about you,
As we talked on the phone, you had my full attention.
I lingered on your voice, hoping you would say those five words,
And when you did, I was so overwhelmed, I missed it.

The next day when I got to hang out with you,
Was more than I ever expected.
When I looked into your eyes I knew,
There was nowhere else I wanted to be reflected.

Lying in your arms, I realized,
That I might never get the chance to feel this way again.
So I decided that if being with you was a risk,
Then I was willing, my comfort, to refrain.

After I left that night, so many thoughts ran through my head,
I wondered if you were feeling exactly the same way I was.
I wanted to know what it was that was going inside your head,
I was hoping that what I was feeling was more than just a buzz.

I spent the whole night wondering what would happen next,
I realized that nothing was like I ever expected it to be.
Even though I had put up a wall to keep all those others on the outside,
You found the one little crack and seemed to work your way inside to me.

Once I figured out what was truly going on inside my heart,
There were so many things that I wanted to say to you.
I wanted to let you know how much you truly meant to me,
I wanted to tell you that I

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