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The Most Meaningful Burden To Bear

The Most Meaningful Burden To Bear

The most meaningful burden of all to bear,
Is, without a doubt, the burden to care.

To care takes immense bravery, strength, and pride,
Often one must dig deep down inside.

The self is an endless sea of potential untapped.
If you bear this meaningful burden, or in other words, “give a crap”.

We the people must stand to be showered in pride,
As we bear the most meaningful burden, side by side.

As we paint the future, let’s create a powerful scene.
One that still allows a place for purple mountains’ majesty.

One where children’s futures shine as bright as the sparkle in their eyes,
And our corporations are not allowed to flourish on injustice and lies.

Let’s not strive for dominance, but reach upward for unity.
Let’s not forget our foundation is composed of equality!

Together we stand, Divided we fall,
Very well may be the best rule of all!

If you open your mind you can see with clear eyes,
Something within you that cannot be denied.

Something that’s not always easy to bear.
This something is the most meaningful burden, the burden to care!

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