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The Old Child

The Old Child

The Old Child

I look for the child I used to be,
She was so happy and carefree.
She danced among the trees,
And in the fall, they showered her with leaves.

She sang with the birds a soft gentle song,
At that time, nothing seemed wrong.
A song on her lips and a dream in her heart,
She thought she knew her part.

She loved to paint and loved to draw,
For she found beauty in all she saw.
She had not been touched by the evils of the world,
She was fresh and clean like a new pearl.

But now she’s old and dreams have faded,
It seems so long that she has waited.
Now her dreams are gone, and her song is sad,
Her heart is heavy and her eyes are bad.

I wish I could find that child I used to be,
And dance again among the trees.
To sing with the birds and be carefree,
And have the trees shower me again with leaves…

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