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The Perfect Night

The Perfect Night

The starry sky shined bright tonight,
my heart was full of triumphant joy!
I wondered why and how this was,
that God blessed me with such perfect bliss.

Loud laughter filled the misty air,
In gallant claps the waves would splash,
the sand was soft beneath feet.
He sat so still next to my side,
I felt the warmth of a growing bond.

Then I wondered why and how this was,
that my God had blessed me, so he had,
with such perfect- positively perfect bliss.
Running through the cool beach sand,
In a rapid rhythmic pace I ran,
I felt so free beside this sea.

And in gallant claps the waves still splashed,
the sand still soft beneath my feet.
Tonight, tonight, the moon shone bright,
the beach a-light, a site to see!
Tumbling, fumbling upon the sand,
We all laughed loudly all around.

Singing sweetly this starry night,
I praised my God for all I had.
So free I felt-as if I could soar high and fly,
with faithful friends, no painful fiends.
And again I wondered why, why and how this really was,

that my Lord, my Light, up in the starry sky so high,
would bless me with no less a night-
a perfect moon-lit starry night.

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