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The Unraveling Trapestry

The Unraveling Trapestry

Best friends until the end
We promised each other everyday
Looking into her brown eyes as we shook on it
We giggled and continued playing
Thinking we’d always have each other

Sharing stories at sleepovers
Talking and talking
Her voice high and quiet
Merging with my louder and faster one
Filling the air with the sound of two girls who each other’s secrets
Yet will never tell

Eating boxes and boxes of popsicles
The icy sweet treats giving us brain freezes
Turning our lips blue and green
Making up games and languages only we could understand
Sometimes we didn’t need words
One look and I’d know what she was thinking

Celebrating birthdays, holidays
And our lives together
We were more than sisters
We were twins

Each knowing the other person inside out
We spent every moment together
Laughing and having a good time
Creating a scrapbook that could be kept forever
Now you’re miles and miles away
Birthdays are forgotten
Months go by without a call
We’re too busy living our lives alone

Trying to find new best friends
Someone who can fill the empty position
Sharing our jokes and games
Only to find them not as funny as we remembered

‘Oh, I’ll call tomorrow’
But we use the same excuse when tomorrow comes

Our memories are slowly disappearing
Yet we still cling onto them
Hurrying forward to catch the last threads
Of the tapestry that was once our

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