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These Four Words

These Four Words

You, are a good boy, you really are.
I don’t completely understand why you are so forgetful,
Or why you do not listen to me.
I feel as if your confidence and self-esteem teeter,

These four words I hope you will hear,
Know that you are sweet and dear.
“I’m Proud of You”
Hold those words deep down inside.

These words I hope will mean more to you,
Than a pound of 14 Kt of gold.
Knowing that through each and every one of your struggles,
Through all the frustration, grief and pain,

I want you to know I am Proud of you.
Because of your pride and ability of sharing with me your feeling,
I believe in you and I know that you can overcome and achieve.
I want you to hear me whisper in your ears these four words.

“I’m Proud of You”

These four words,
I hope will Fill you with a sense of accomplishment.
Each day you will face countless distractions,
Obstacles and temptations…these four words,

A pray will make a lasting impression,
On your over stimulated teenage boys mind?
“I’m Proud of You”

Your challenging ways may out live your many successes,
But as irritated and frustrated as I may be,
With your inability to focus, or take complete control

No one is more challenged than the man inside of you.
More than anything I wish for you, to succeed,
So from here to the end of time I will whisper in your ear

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