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Time For A New Beginning

Time For A New Beginning

When you live life it must be rough,
That’s when you must get tough.
But when you flow through your daily dilemmas,
You got to give yourself time to think.

Should you make a new beginning,
This is something only time can tell.
You might not always show,
how you feel about emotions,
It’s the love that may really glow.

But when things go terribly wrong,
That is when time has shown,
God is telling you that it is time,
To start a new afterlife in a new way, instead of the old.

As the thought comes through,
You must be strong and think things through,
So do all the angels that view.
It’s true, if it’s goodbye, you just have to cry,

But you have to give it a try,
To tell if it is the real meaning,
Of what lies beneath all of your being.
In the end, it shall all be true, to all that you do,

Then all the messages shall come in view,
That is the true meaning of life and love.
But all’s well that ends well,
For something that is not to be set on sail.

Eventually, you will seek revenge,
For what’s lost and much more to tell,
But it will take time to heal,
Everything that was forgotten and sealed.

If it all ends up queer

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