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To My New… Yeah You!

To My New... Yeah You!

To my new guy,
My latest, yeah you guy.
“What’s poppin’ daddy? How’re you feeling?
You should feel good,
You’re the one I’m dealing.”

With you, be cool,
Don’t trip on your stride,
I like your demeanor,
Your style and vibe.
Please, don’t flip on your side.

To my new boy,
Yes, you my latest toy,
What’s good? You straight?
You’re not the usual boy I date.

Chill yet hype,
Enigmatic, the type,
Who’d rather talk than to fight,
To raise voice, or make a spite.

To my new one,
My latest, yeah you son.
How are you? You good?
Did you know, you’re feeling me, you should?

You understand my music,
Which means you understand my soul.
From my beats, to my chorus,
My hook, then my melody,
You’re the one who stole.

To my new man,
My latest, yeah you man.
Are you okay? Are you still in?
Don’t give up,
When you’re just on the brink to win.

I’m struck with you, I’m stuck,
You are my guy, my luck.
Yeah that’s you, so what?

To my new love,
My forever, yeah you love.
Do you love me? Do you care?
Ready to share my heart, to bear?

Be ‘that guy’ in my life,
Love me, protect from strife.

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