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Tomorrow,if It Comes…….

Tomorrow,if It Comes.......

Tomorrow, if I die, what did I have that showed my life had meaning?
Daddy’s drunk, mom’s crying, sister’s dying, and I’m too weak to start screaming.
So many people affected my life that I’m no longer the one who lives it,
I have no point in life, cause I think there is no point in life,
Why is God making me live this?

Tomorrow, if I cry, who do I have to wipe my tears?
Broken apart by all the “I don’t want to ever remember” years.
So many people broke my heart, not so many came to mend it,
Only use for people’s hand were to hit me, but never just to lend it.

And you wonder why I sometimes tend to keep my head straight down,
Wonder why I sometimes tend to feel so lost even when I’m found.
And you wonder why I sometimes feel like I should just live life high,
Wonder why I sometimes feel like throwing two middle fingers to the sky.

So tomorrow, if I die, my life didn’t really have a meaning,
And tomorrow, if I cry, down my face the tears will keep streaming
Even though I have a painful life, I’ll stay strong, is what I say.
And tomorrow, if it comes, might take this pain away.

No matter what, I still have control to how my future goes,
It’s my life, my way, that’s the one thing that I know.
And tomorrow,

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