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Ugly Duckling

Ugly Duckling

This one I stand alone,
But I’m surrounded by people I call my friends.
I want to tell them how I feel,
But I know they wouldn’t comprehend.
The pain I hide from them.

Sometimes they talk to me,
Sometimes I’m ignored.
Sometimes I feel unwanted and uncool,
Because I don’t look the way they do.

They tell me I look fine,
But I can read the truth between the lies.
I’m not hot or pretty like they are,
I’m just an ugly duckling
Who never turned into a swan.

I look into the mirror
And all I see is what I want to be,
Instead of what I am.
I look up into the dark sky,
Wishing on every star that one day

I’ll be the person I want to be,
And I’ll find someone who loves me for me,
Instead of what they want to see.

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