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Untitled Poem

Untitled Poem

I look inside my body and you know what I see,
A girl who looks just like me.
But she’s different somehow, in many ways,
Her feelings and facial features,
Are in the color of many grays.

She’s all alone with no one to hold,
Look into her soft eyes that are so cold.
Dangerous, she cannot help you,
Leads you down the wrong path,
And you can’t see it through.

She’s a messy, evil little girl,
Send your heart and mind into a whirl.
She looks so innocent, you think,
But if you take just one blink,
In her grasp you’ll suddenly sink.

Got you in her grasp, unwilling to let go,
Can’t escape, you tell her no.
But it’s too late,
Fallen into her trap,
Now you know she’s the one you hate.

You force her away, with all your might,
Trying, hoping to find the light.
Finally, you get out and see,
That girl wasn’t another,
The voice inside my head says “It was me.”

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