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What Is This?

What Is This?

I feel that no one loves me,I feel that no one cares
I feel so much emptyness when people point and stare
I wait for the answer of hope and a dream come true
I ignore the pain inside me and the answer I already knew
Of all the hate and pain I feel inside
I know there’s much I shouldn’t hide
I think about the words I’ve said
I lay awake and cry in bed
I will never have what I want,I will never be free
I will be blind to this world and yet everyone else will see
There are many pieces to this world that will never fit
Sitting alone wanting and wishing it will all just quit
Knowing that it never will,I walk back down my shady life
Falling to my knees with pain that feels like a knife
All alone in this world,there’s no help around
I can’t taste,there’s no smell,I can’t feel,there is no sound
It’s all just blackness and all I want is light
But there is no morning and no afternoon all there is,is night
This will never end I guess I’ll have to deal
I thought this whole world was fake,but because of you,now I know it’s real.

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