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What Your Going Through

What Your Going Through

The Pain, The Pressure, The Hurt
The Anger, The Sadness, The Darkness
The things people don’t see that I hide so well
Under my mask and fake smiles.

Some of those so-called friends
Don’t even notice,
I guess I blend in so well with the other people.
I worry about their problems and bottle up mine.

Then, my best friends see me
And know I have that mask and fake smile.
People say best friends know everything,
But they only know so little is how they know so much.

They know when I am about to O.D.,
Or even a night they get a feeling
And call right when you’re about to lay
Your head down and sleep forever.

But they’re the ones that see –
Your Pain, The hurt, The anger,
The sadness, The darkness.
And don’t ever say ‘I know what you’re going through’.

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