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What do you want me to do,
What do you want me to be,
Do you want me to love you,
I just don’t see.

What could I possibly do,
To make you love me,
What could I say to you,
Just to make you see.

What could we achieve,
What could we do,
What life can we weave,
To make it all come true.

Where is the joy,
What is so fun,
They are but mere toys,
Where love has overcome.

What do you want me to say,
What do you want me to be,
For every single day,
It is you, your all I see.

What is the meaning of life,
What is the point of love,
Is it to continue this strife,
Till we meet in the heavens above.

What is time but a waste,
What is death but a praise,
So let us go, make haste,
As I look into your loving gaze.

What is hate,
But a feeling inside,
What is fate,
But the ocean tide.

What is love,
But a lie,
What is a dove,
But a creature to die.

What is happiness,
But a lie,
What is joyfulness,
But something to make us cry.

What is a life,
But a waste of space,
What is a wife,
Without a loving face.

What is fire,
But a waste of heat,
What is a liar,
But a waste of a seat.

What is a brain,
If we do

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