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When I Am Reminded

When I Am Reminded

Each day is a new beginning given by God,
On this road I tread, I’m reminded how blessed, ever awed.
A new friendship arises, mind’s precious treasure so broad,
Watching a child at play, indeed my pleasure’s greatest squad.

Ability to uplift a fallen soul, my joy couldn’t be more,
While birds build nests, and the world yearns for rest, I adore.
A reminder: merely a small part of His divine plan I store,
Be it skies blue or gray, you are always there, our ties restore.

God’s love echoed at the sight of a rainbow after the rain,
The freedoms I share when the flag flutters, no disdain.
In unmatched pain, I realize God’s love once again,
As clowns enter, an ever-present laugher’s enchanting domain.

A share in your heavy load, a testament: I’m here, I care,
Reminded each day, we’ve much to share, no despair.
In this life’s concert, no empty chairs, no stares,
In each thought, each word, a beautiful verse forming pair by pair.

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