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Wish Upon A Star

Wish Upon A Star

I think of all the memories that I wish we could replay,
but then I come across the ones I wish would go away.
But that won’t happen because,
the things that have already happened are the past,
and there is nothing I can do about that.

And the memories that I like,
Oh, I wish we can sit and talk about them.
at home, or on the phone.

I wish.

I wish my mom didn’t give me the news, that I won’t be going to that school.
And so it may be that we will see each other less and less.

But let’s wish those crazy phone calls that we use to do,
every day,
after school,
all day,
will return.

Wishing those weird days with you picking on me,
pulling my hair,
stealing my pencils,
and making the teacher mad,
will come back.

I wish.

But those are all wishes
and everybody knows,
that you have to wish on a wishing star.
But this is no star,
this is my heart.

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