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Wishes are for you to ponder, a thought so quiet, yet so fond,
Pass along to someone needing, or held close, our quiet bond.
Wishes, they are treasures dear, whispers of our heart’s appeal,
Hopes and dreams pursued with zeal.

My wishes for you, from my heart they’ve grown,
An everlasting trust, where miracles are known.
Dreams, they say, can become the day,
In a nurturing heart, they find a way.

Value understood, in an aging hand’s wisdom,
Innocence reflected, in a child’s eye’s kingdom.
May the morning sky your interest seize,
And the stardust of night, your thoughts appease.

In the man on the moon, may you confide,
Your deepest secrets, with him abide.
A creative spirit, may it be your guide,
Stirring youthful dreams, where miracles reside.

Yearn for nothing, contentment awaken,
From within it blooms, quietly unshaken.
May you have the right words to impart,
To a friend in need, etched deep in your heart.

May your compassion heal, a soothing balm,
In your heart, many names be the calming Psalm.

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