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With Love From Above

With Love From Above

Like a thief in the night,
Gathers this precious soul.
Without a single fight,
To make his body whole.

The child God delivered,
He’s now taken away.
Not a sound can be heard,
There’s nothing he can say.

Warm sunlight all around,
As peacefulness is felt.
My final home I’ve found,
The winning card is dealt.

Don’t shed a tear for me,
I don’t want you to cry.
Fond memories the key,
While looking at the sky.

I’m up here, looking down,
Knowing how much you care.
Think of me as the clown,
When sorrows hard to bear.

I’ll be with you always,
No matter where you’ll be.
Happy thoughts fill your days,
I love you all, from ME.

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