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Without You

Without You

For you, who brought to us such joy,
A feeling, pure, without alloy.
How is it possible, you bring such pain,
When your presence, we can’t retain?

For you, who lit our life with wonder,
Are how we defined before and under.
How could it be, you take away,
Our sense of self, our future’s ray?

For you, my dear, sweet little sister,
The heart of our familial twister.
You completed us, made us whole,
Brought such happiness to our souls.

We, your brothers, not as cherished,
As our happiness with you, had flourished.
A joy so foreign to our house,
Stolen away, as quiet as a mouse.

Dear sister, why did you leave us here,
Your absence engulfs us with such fear.
Why did He take you? Didn’t He see,
Your importance to our family?

Your arrival promised a better day,
Dad stopped drinking our lives away.
Mom ceased her tears, and endless waiting,
No longer looked down upon, no baiting.

In your absence, old ways return,
Mom’s laughter, stilled, for you we yearn.
The outside world views us as before,
Poor, neglected, our hearts still sore.

Nothing’s as it was, and won’t ever be,
The joy, the laughs, the smiles we see.
You brought these to us, in you they reside,
You were our life, our heart’s sweet tide.

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