How to write love poetry

How to write love poetry

Writing a love poem can be one of the best gifts given to the one you love or admire. Few things in life can be as personal, as sensual, or as perfect as a single piece of poetry containing words of love to another being. A single piece of love poetry can be a connection between souls, a display of your real feelings on paper, and a depiction of truth without measure.

Writing a love poem does not mean the potential poet has to be a professional writer. Indeed, anyone can construct a beautiful love poem. While writing love poetry does not cost monetary compensation, a good love poem does cost. The cost comes in the form of emotional and mental exploration. If you want to write a good love poem to that someone special, be prepared to thoroughly examine you and your relationship with the target in question.

The first step in writing a beautiful, perfect love poem is to get in a comfortable location with a pencil or pen, and some paper. Get in a location you enjoy and can feel free to let your emotions freely explore the topic of feelings and the person in question.

The second step involves writing down all of your feelings and thoughts on the target. Simply start writing, and without stopping, fill as much of the paper up as you can with your feelings and thoughts. Do not be concerned about penmanship, grammar, or spelling. Just start writing and do not stop until you feel you have exhausted your emotional resources.

Now take a moment to step away from what you wrote without looking at what you wrote. Maybe get a cup of coffee or tea, but do take a few moments away from what you wrote.

When you return, reread what you have written because that writing is almost a love poem already. Remember, love poetry does not necessarily have to have a specific rhyme or rhythm. Indeed, love is your rhyme and rhythm. However, many people like to have some order to the writing, and now is a great time to explore what you have written in the terms of formation and order.

First, find a rhyme to your words. Often, simply investing websites such as will give the would-be love poet an idea of the formation and feel to their own love poem. Investigate the syllables and feel of the love poetry you can find until you find a feel you are comfortable with making your own.

A thesaurus is a great tool at this point, and you should not feel bashful about using this resource to the best of your ability. Find the words in your page of writing you would like to express more strongly, and simply look up the words with a thesaurus. Replace the words appropriately.

Using your page of writing, form sentences using stronger words found in the thesaurus. Put the sentences in any order you choose. Depending on the style of writing, you will find any order will suffice.

With love poetry, there is no one rule making for a masterpiece because this piece of artistic expression is between two people. There is no right; there is no wrong. Even how you spell, how you capitalize, and how you form the sentences is uniquely you. When you are done, sometimes placing your new masterpiece on such sites as League of American Poets will be an additional expression of love announcing your feelings to a worldly audience.

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