How to write romantic poems as easy as one, two, three

How to write romantic poems as easy as one, two, three

Writing a romantic poem is a great gift for a beloved having little monetary value but a huge amount of sentimental value. A good piece of romantic poetry will last a lifetime of memories, and learning how to write romantic poems is an easy task because all the material you need is already in your heart.

However, not ever knows exactly how to put words into a written format, and to a lesson or two in how to write romantic poems.

Get Comfortable
The first step to writing a good romantic poem is to find a comfortable place to rest with a pen and some paper. Taking a picture of your beloved or something dear to the beloved will act as inspiration. Try to be in a quiet place, or perhaps listen to a favorite shared song.

Start Writing Thoughts
Why do you love your beloved? What are specific qualities you appreciate about your beloved? How does your beloved make you feel? Start writing anything you can think of concerning your beloved. Do not worry about how it looks at this point, simply start writing how you feel about your beloved and what you love about your beloved.

The Message
When all of your writing has been completed, the poet should then consider how the romantic poem /poetry will be delivered. Does the message need to be amusing romance, silly romance, sincere romance, sentimental romance? Depending on the tone the poet desires, there are different methods and styles for developing the love poem.

The Poetry
Now is the time for the all-important task of writing the love poem. One of the easiest methods for writing any poem is to use rhyme. Visiting the League of American Poets at will be helpful because of the rhyming tool freely available. Use your notes to put an order to the final poem. Example, (1) how I love you, (2) why I love you, (3) what you do for me, and (4) thank you.

Final Touches
Many people enjoy adding an extra spark to a special piece of romantic poetry. Consider writing the love poem in calligraphy or maybe even add a spray of cologne or perfume to the letter. Use a special stationary for the occasion. If you are careful, singe the edges all the way around or even cut the paper into the form of a heart.

Knowing how to write romantic poems is not as difficult as it may seem. Just use your heart to do the writing, and add a few extra touches to have a memorable romantic work of art that will be cherished for all time.

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