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You are the blueberry in my muffin,
After I wake up in the morning.
You are the dotted lines on the paper,
That guides me when I’m learning how to write.

You are the brightest color in my crayon box,
I use you to colour the sun, moon and stars,
The happy face sticker I get,
When I am good at school, you are.

You are my paintbrush when I paint,
Whether it is on the walls of the hallway,
Or on the floors of the kitchen.
You are the stool in the bathroom I use,
Since I am only 4 and a half feet tall.

You are the training wheels on my bike,
And the band-aid on my knee when I fall.
You are the grape jelly in my peanut butter sandwich,
Cut across, not diagonal, you sit very well.

You are the bugs that I dig for in the ground,
Always there for me.
You are the sprinkler I run through,
On a hot and sunny summer day, I see.

You are the pretty little lady I save,
When I am the sheriff and the outlaws steer up trouble.
You are the smile on my face,
When I jump off the swing, a million miles high, no bubble.

You are the ice cream with fudge and sprinkles on top I eat,
But only when I eat all my dinner.
You are the night light,
That I turn on before I go to bed.

You are the teddy bear I

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