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You Make Me Smile

You Make Me Smile

This one – I don’t want to lose you now,
That I’ve found you, somehow.

You’re the reason why I smile,
Sometimes the reason why I cry, for a while.

Tears of joy, not fear,
Happy tears, when you’re near.

When you’re not around,
My smile fades to a frown.

With you comes the sunshine,
I find myself smiling all the time.

Just happy that you’re here,
Wearing those dimples dear.

Damn. When I see you, my heart starts to pound,
You’ve got me wrapped, wound around your finger, sound.

Your loving is prime,
And I mean ALL the time.

Let’s get this clear,
When I see you, that smile appears.

You’ve met your match, how does that sound?
Going in circles, around and around.

I smile with a rush,
All the while feeling a high, a hush.

So keep me, hold me near,
Then I bet you, my smile will reappear.

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