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Your Worst Enemy

Your Worst Enemy

Alarm bells ringing in your ears,
Protect yourself, hide from your fears.
A battle cry, a call to arms,
It’s time to die, sound the alarms.

You’ve waited too long,
The weak give way to the strong.
The enemy comes at you,
What will you do?

Wave after wave after wave,
If you give in you’ll be a slave.
Your enemy was once a friend,
If you lose, it’s the end.

You’ve been barricaded in,
Can you find a way to win?
The enemy cuts off your power,
Waiting in darkness for hours,

Waiting for the final blow,
But your enemy doesn’t show.
You crack the door, you peek out,
What you see makes you scream and shout.

Now you see the odds stacked against you,
The end is near, you know you are through.
You have seen what knocks at your door,
Despair knocks you to the floor.

You know you can’t win,
Yet you refuse to give in.
You gather yourself up and draw your sword,
And you cry out, ‘save me Lord!’

Suddenly the door explodes in,
Your enemy begins to close in.
Only now do you realize,
That you saw with your eyes,

But you didn’t perceive,
And what you see now you can’t believe.
There’s nothing there no one else,
Meet your worst enemy,

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